Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is coming!

I just wanted to share a little bit of Christmas from the Slice of Pie Household so here are a few bits and bobs....

I love love love wrapping presents, this year I have gone for brown parcel paper with pretty white organza bows, I bought recycled brown luggage labels and then added a hand cut felt heart with crystals and a pearl, ooh I love them they all look so pretty under my tree!

This year has been all about the Little Birdie cards at Slice of Pie, I think they will probably be going strong in 2011 too, the Christmas cards had to follow suit!

However a certain someone had a special card!

I made this simple heart garland using felt and mini pegs on a piece of string, so so easy but it looks so pretty and Christmassy across our big mirror, it would be perfect for a wedding too!

I love my little Christmas tree forest, I plan to add another tree to it every year. I love making things with felt, it is such a glorious material, no hemming and it loves to be hand sewn, perfect!

Finally, something I haven't made but that is one of my favourite Christmas things is this little Angel candle holder. As the heat from the candle rises the Angels fly around, it is magical, especially when you switch all the lights off and just sit watching it throw patterns up the walls, it is so peaceful and pretty! I love it! It's one of those things that I can imagine being around every Christmas and becoming a magical little heirloom!

I hope you all have a magical Christmas full of love, happiness and little home made things that make it really special!


  1. Where is that lovely angel candle holder from? I LOVE it!

    I also love all of the others (and my card - got it on Monday!) and I love you! x

  2. Yay! It is from a lovely shop called Sevens in Macclesfield, I got it a couple of years ago but will see if they still have them!

    Love you too x